• Length Mechanics Engineer

    Job responsibilities

    1. Responsible for instrument calibration in the field of length mechanics;

    2. Record the original data and issue a calibration report;

    3. Maintenance and management of laboratory equipment;

    4. Other related tasks assigned by the leader.

    Job requirements

    1. A professional background in science and engineering is sufficient, with someone to teach in the later stage;

    2. Strong learning ability, adaptability, and perseverance;

    fringe benefits

    1. Competitive compensation;

    2. Five insurances and one fund, weekends and holidays off;

    3. Adjust the base salary annually based on work performance; Organize employee recruitment competition every year and ensure smooth promotion channels;

    4. The company irregularly organizes employee activities such as group building and tourism;

    5. Work location: Guangzhou

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    Recruiting Process
    Submit resume - resume screening - interview invitation - organize interview - sign tripartite contract - pre job internship - completion exam during internship period - become a regular employee

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    When submitting a resume, be sure to indicate the position you are applying for and attach recent bareheaded photos

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    1213, Building D, Dianlian Technology Building, Nanhuan Avenue, Matoushan Community, Matian Street, Guangming District, Shenzhen

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    Contact person and email address for submitting resume